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Browns fan holds up 'WE WANT BAMA' sign while Cleveland loses another game

Sometimes in life it’s important to change your expectations instead of waiting for the universe to change something for you. It’s a critical lesson Cleveland Browns fans learned on Sunday while watching their team struggle once again to do anything against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“WE WANT BAMA” has become THE meme of college football. Every Saturday on College GameDay you’ll see some dedicated fan hold up a sign exclaiming that their team wants to take on the best of the best. When you’re in the NFL, things are a little different.

Could the Browns actually beat Alabama? OF COURSE THEY COULD! These arguments are super dumb and we will absolutely not fuel discussion of whether a team of professional NFL players could beat a university. However, this game should happen. It would be a chance for Nick Saban to showcase his team against NFL talent and give the Browns a chance to win.

Cleveland Browns vs. Alabama Crimson Tide — make it happen. Trent Richardson can sing the anthem.