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Blake Bortles has as many turnovers off a player's foot as he does wins this year

Blake Bortles is the best player in the NFL at one specific thing: Throwing interceptions off his receivers’ feet.

Yes, technically it hit Marqise Lee’s hand first — but there are no style rulings on what classifies as a footerception, which is a new portmanteau we had to create. It’s not often that any football player gets to have a word made in their honor.

This is the second time Bortles has achieved this specific feat in as many weeks. It left the bemused announce team to just explain that the game ended in “typical Blake Bortles fashion,” which is mean and totally accurate. Here’s how it went down last Sunday:

This is critically important work. Soccer fans LOVE to call football “handegg” because of their claim there’s not enough “foot” in “football.” Well, Bortles is making sure the whole game is turned on its head. Props for that.