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These special NFL helmets done by Mexican artists for ‘Monday Night Football’ look incredible

Monday Night Football is in Mexico City and local artists made the own versions of every NFL helmet. They’re worth looking at, but today we’ll focus on opposite ends of the bell curve and look at the best, and worst of these reworks.

These helmets are so good they should be the actual NFL helmets.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have had their classic helmet for so long we know you’re resistant to change -- but look at this thing. The cartoon raider is fun, while still looking fearsome. Love this.

Philadelphia Eagles

HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THIS THING! The line work, the stylized eagle — goodness it’s perfect. Some people might say it’s a little too busy, but man it’s cool looking.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I promised myself I wasn’t going to have two pirate-themed helmets, but wow. The skull is reminiscent of Dia de los Muertos and it all looks perfect. If this was an NFL helmet right now it would be the best in the league and nobody would be close.

No. Just ... no.

Art is subjective. These helmets have tons of value artistically, but that doesn’t mean they’re made for the field. So here’s my totally subjective view of this art.

Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a very nice coffee mug.

Los Angeles Rams

You spend six months in California and already you’re running off into the desert for Burning Man.

San Francisco 49ers

This sad, confused robot searching for something is actually pretty perfect when you consider the 49ers’ season.

You can find all 32 NFL helmets painted by Mexican artists here.

And Raiders owner, Mark Davis, received a sweet, custom helmet designed by local artists. Check it out.