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Justin Tucker celebrates after nailing 57-yard field goal the Bengals didn't think he could make

Are you not entertained!?

There has been some bad kicking in the NFL this season. Just last week, we saw the most extra points missed in the NFL on a single Sunday in history.

This week, we saw some good. Baltimore’s Justin Tucker hit a 57-yarder, and he’s the only kicker since Week 1 to remain perfect, at 25-of-25 including 6-for-6 from beyond 50 yards. He made a 52-yarder in the first quarter.

Tucker, after making the kick, channeled his inner gladiator with an “Are you not entertained?” pose.

On the play before, Marvin Lewis declined a 10-yard holding penalty, not thinking Tucker could make the kick. Well guess what, he did!

He even begged John Harbaugh to let him kick:

Before the end of the first half, Tucker hit yet another deep one, this time from 54 yards out. Tucker nailed it, and he’s now the third player to ever have three field goals from more than 50 yards in a game. Nobody has ever done four.

Justin Tucker is the man, and hopefully he gets the fourth.