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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker started his press conference with an updog joke

Tucker’s got jokes!

Justin Tucker had just about the best game a kicker can have on a Sunday. He made three 50-plus yard field goals in a 19-14 victory against the Bengals, which was crucial. And because of that, he had the swagger of a fun substitute teacher on his first assignment of the day. He brought along the same jokes, too.

He began the postgame interview by exclaiming, “You smell that? Smell like updog,” and one of the reporters nearby fell for it. Kickers live for the big moments like hitting long field goals, but these small victories are probably as great, too.

Tucker is known for joking around. Not only does he have the voice of an angel, but he even starred in a parody of Matthew McConaughey commercials.

I hope Tucker keeps having great games. Not only will the Baltimore Ravens appreciate it, but we might be lucky enough to get a nunya mention in the year 2016. Or better yet, bofa!

Are you not entertained?