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Black Friday shoppers trashed a Seattle Nike store

Here’s your yearly reminder that Black Friday is absolutely bananas. We tend to think of the worst Black Friday videos coming from a big box store that only has 10 deeply discounted TVs, but it was a Nike store that got obliterated by wild shoppers in Seattle.

The destruction is unbelievable. Hundreds of shoe boxes were strewn all around the store and product was everywhere. In total, 20,000 people stormed through the store over a two-hour period on Thanksgiving night. Immediately shoppers began posting photos of the decimation to social media.

It's like a zombie apocalypse. I feel bad for the people who need to clean this up. #BlackFriday #NikeOutletStore

A photo posted by Wannie Rodriguez (@wanniemation) on

The #carnage when people #blackfriday too hard for #nike #shoes....Stay safe and sane everyone.

A photo posted by Nicole (@nicoololz) on

Pour one out for the poor employees who had to spend their weekend cleaning up this mess.