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The Eagles converted a ‘4th and 26’ 12 years ago and are still using it to mock Green Bay

Oh, come on!

4th and 26 is a famous play that took place in the 2004 playoffs in a divisional game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers. The Eagles ended up forcing the game into overtime because of the play, and eventually eliminated the Packers from the playoffs. It appears the Eagles are still very fond of this play and would like to make the Packers feel bad about it. 12 years later.

Back on this play in 2004, the Eagles were looking at a fourth-and-26 on their own 26-yard line, with 1:12 remaining and no timeouts available. Donovan McNabb converted a 28-yard pass, which eventually led to a field goal, which eventually led to an overtime win for the Eagles. The Eagles are petty in 2016.