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J.R. Smith gave up an easy dunk while saying hi to Jason Terry on the Bucks bench

Now is not the time, J.R.!

J.R. Smith took a few seconds on Tuesday to say hello to Jason Terry. That would have been fine, even though they are opponents, had it not happened while Smith was supposed to be guarding Tony Snell.

We’ve heard of the hidden ball trick in baseball. Or the hidden return man trick in football. But we’ve never heard of the “go say hi to the opponent to distract him on the inbounds play” trick. It could not have worked out better either, with Snell easily scoring while Smith was distracted.

The best part is the reaction of the other Bucks players on the bench. They all congratulated Terry for his assist from the bench.

Maybe this was Terry’s way of getting even with Smith more than three years after Smith elbowed Terry in the face during a playoff game. It was all just a long play by Terry, with two free points as the payoff.