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The best Cubs fan reactions to winning the World Series came from the oldest fans

Because 108 years is a really, really long time to be sad.

There was not one, but two major victories in last night’s Game 7 World Series finale.

After 108 years, the Cubs finally (!) broke the curse and became World Series champions. And, just seconds after their Game 7 victory, Chicago’s elderly fans won our hearts.

1. Hazel Nilson: 108 years old

Having lived through every single year of the billy goat’s curse, 108-year-old Hazel Nilson’s prayers were finally answered. She is also possibly the oldest person to ever sport a backwards hat.

2. Clare’s elated grandpa

If this doesn’t make you smile, well, you’re probably an Indians fan.

3. A man and his 32-year-old beer

Despite being about 31 and a half years expired, this Cubs fan’s beer was still oh so sweet.

4. The smiling vet

Be careful: This legendary grandpa/World War II veteran’s victory smile will melt your heart into a puddle of Chicago red and blue.

5. Father and son

Now this Cubs fan right here is a man of his word.

Enjoy it, elderly fans, this one’s for you!