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Harry Caray calls the Cubs' final out of the World Series in this brilliant, new Budweiser commercial

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Legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray departed this earth 18 years ago, never having seen the team win the World Series. Fans in Chicago and around the world were surely thinking of him when the Cubs finally became champions for the first time since 1908. Budweiser did, too, as they ran one of his commercials for the beer company after the victory to honor him.

But then they stepped it up. On Thursday morning, they released a new ad where they made it sound like Harry Caray is calling the final out of Game 7. It’s really slick editing taken from audio of his past games, but they all fit perfectly with how the 10th inning ended. It’s also paired with footage of Cubs fans reacting to the win, which makes this even more special. This was an amazing gift for Cubs fans.