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‘Saturday Night Live’ turned Cubs players into strippers for a dead grandma

Saturday Night Live is always great about getting famous athletes to appear in sketches, but nobody went further than the Chicago Cubs on Saturday night. Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler became strippers for a grandmother who died of fright at her own surprise bachelorette party.

An 83-year-old grandmother was going to get remarried, and her granddaughter planned the surprise of a lifetime for her. Just one problem: She died immediately on being surprised by her friends.

What ensued were several incredibly awkward moments where Mikey Day and guest host Benedict Cumberbatch gyrated on her corpse and ate whipped cream out of the dead woman’s mouth before revealing she was their 1000th customer. The reward: A dance from the Cubs.

Fowler got to deliver the first line with “What’s up girls? Who wants to hit a granny slam?”

David Ross hilariously poked fun at his age saying “Grandpa Ross-i will take good care of you,” while Rizzo boasted that the trio of Cubs stars were “about to pull a triple-header.”

Anthony Rizzo twerked. This was an actual thing that happened.

This is definitely worth a watch. Cubs fan or not, this is awkward and pretty great.