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The Jaguars defense did a good job defending itself from an interception

Tashaun Gipson did a great job breaking up a sure interception for his teammate, Prince Amukamara.

It’s been a rough season for the Jacksonville Jaguars and high-priced additions to the defense haven’t fixed things. No team has forced fewer turnovers than the Jaguars, but when Nick Foles gifted a free interception, the team managed to find a way to screw it up.

It would’ve been the first turnover forced by the Jaguars defense since Week 4 and it would’ve been Prince Amukamara’s first interception after signing with the team as a free agent in the offseason.

On the other hand, maybe it should count as the second pass breakup on the season for Tashaun Gipson, another offseason addition.

Ultimately, the Jaguars managed to force the Chiefs to punt and the field position likely wasn’t changed much. But the Jaguars just can’t seem to do anything cohesive in 2016.