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Steve Smith is back and trying to fight people again

Steve Smith does Steve Smith things. That’s just part of what makes him amazing. You’d think by this point NFL players would know that you don’t simply mess with Smith — but here we are, and someone tried it again.

The latest victim of Smitty’s ire was Mike Mitchell — and the two have some history. They both played for the Carolina Panthers and routinely jawed at each other during training camp. See, Smith doesn’t like it when young players talk back to him or do anything he perceives as disrespect, and he perceives a lot of things as disrespect.

It’s why Smith and Josh Norman never got along, and why this likely flared up Sunday. No matter how much Smith disliked Norman there was a mutual respect for each others’ games — not so much with Mitchell.

Smith blamed Mitchell contributing to his back injury, which, it should be mentioned, he had nothing to do with — but it’s Steve Smith. He took exception with how Mitchell acted after he went down.

“Timmons hit me, which I didn’t know,” Smith said. “But Mike Mitchell, my former teammate, gets up and he’s talking, he’s kind of celebrating. He was in my face after I got up, when I was giving the ball to the ref, as if he hit me. Like a moron, I assumed that he actually did something.

“Then, when I went down because my back was hurting, he was yelling, ‘Yeah, how do you like that!’ and he said a few words.”

After the game, Smith had a lot to say about Mitchell. Not all of it made sense.

“You ever tried to build a house with a screwdriver?” Smith asked.

“It’s almost impossible,” a reporter answered.

“Until the cabinets come,” Smith said. “I’m a foundation builder. He’s a cabinet.”

We’re not really sure what that means, but Smith went on to say that Mitchell isn’t on his level.

“He’s not even on my kids’ level,” Smith said.

No love lost, and will ever be lost between these two.