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Rams fans are chanting for Jared Goff, Tim Tebow or anyone who's not Case Keenum


The Rams’ honeymoon period in Los Angeles might be over. It was fun while it lasted. The team is currently below .500, and going up against the Carolina Panthers, who seem to be finding their groove, isn’t helping.

After every loss, reporters have asked head coach Jeff Fisher about Jared Goff, the rookie quarterback who Los Angeles selected as the top pick of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Now, fans are asking for him, too. During Sunday’s game, the crowd at the Coliseum began chanted Goff’s name during the second quarter. The Rams were only down 7-0 at that point, but the fans weren’t happy with Case Keenum’s performance.

To be fair, Keenum answered with a pass to Brian Quick. But then Angelenos began chanting for Tim Tebow. Sorry, Rams fans, but it doesn’t look like Tebow’s schedule is free to lead the team. He’s too busy playing minor league baseball.

Maybe Goff chants can be to Rams fans what CM Punk chants are to professional wrestling fans — the go-to move to voice displeasure over virtually anything that’s going on. If that’s the case, the Rams will keep hearing that throughout the season.

Or, you know, the Rams could budge and give the rookie a shot.