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The Colts only beat the Packers in Lambeau when an animal invades the field

When the Colts beat the Packers on Sunday, there was a little-known factoid that most of us missed. When animals invade Lambeau, the Colts win — it’s that simple.

Sure, it’s a coincidence — OR IS IT?! On Sunday, a squirrel decided to run around the field and the Colts won, and back in 1988 a turkey did the same when an angry fan brought the bird into Lambeau Field to show his displeasure with how the team played (they went 4-12 that season).

Now, keep in mind that the Colts and Packers don’t play very often. Since they’re in the AFC South and NFC North, respectively, there are very few chances for these teams to meet up. In fact, since the turkey game in 1988 the teams have played in the regular season at Lambeau five times, including on Sunday. This means that any time the teams play at Green Bay’s home field, there’s a 40 percent chance an animal will invade the field and cause a Colts win.

Using science, we can predict the next few times these teams meet.

2027: Packers 38 - Colts 27

No animal invades the field. Brett Favre, now 58, steps in and throws three touchdowns in a game in which Aaron Rodgers is injured.

2034: Colts 7 - Packers 7

The first tie between these teams comes after a fan throws half a rotisserie chicken on the field during the two-minute warning of the first half. Unclear how this classifies as a field invasion by an animal, the game is a tie.

2048: Colts 27 - Packers 13

Game is called after three quarters when Godzilla rumbles onto the field in search of commissioner Roger Goodell. The famous kaiju takes offense at Goodell being named “world’s biggest lizard” earlier that year.