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St. Louis TV station labels Rams executive Kevin Demoff a ‘professional liar’

Fans of the former St. Louis Rams have plenty of ill will for several team executives, and plenty of that anger is directed at Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff. Even the local TV stations get in on the act.

Apparently Demoff got a new crowd title, adding “professional liar” to his duties along with being COO.

In case you think that photo is doctored, it is not. Here is a different view of it.

While that job title may not be real, you can’t blame St. Louis fans for feeling that way. Demoff played a key role in the process of moving the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles. He was deep involved in that process, while publicly saying things like this.

We’re guessing Demoff won’t add his new job title to his LinkedIn page anytime soon.