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Joel Embiid should get an award for pranking his NBA friends on Instagram

Now that Instagram has implemented live video into its app (god help us all), Joel Embiid has found a new way to clown on fellow NBA players, especially Chandler Parsons. Let’s preface this by saying that Embiid and Parsons are real good friends, who constantly and jokingly comment on each other’s social media accounts, such as that time Embiid told Parsons he was going to “cook his ass.” It’s important to note this, because it will at least make the following image less mean than it appears.

(h/t Reddit)

If you look at the bottom of the image, you will see that, during an Instagram Live session with Parsons, Embiid just straight up asked him if he was a virgin. It’s comparatively tamer than someone writing “Looking for cock,” which is a thing that also happened to Parsons, alongside Embiid telling him to “promote my mixtape.”

Embiid’s clown session did not stop there. His Sixers teammate Ben Simmons also hopped on Instagram Live, and Embiid sent him the same question ...

(h/t Reddit)

... at least twice:

If you need proof that you should follow Embiid on Instagram, here’s this little ditty: