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LeBron James wears full Cubs uniform to pay off World Series bet with Dwyane Wade

When the Chicago Cubs won Game 7 of the World Series, they ended a 108-year championship drought. They also won Dwyane Wade a bet with his good friend LeBron James. On Friday, James paid his debt.

The bet between Wade and James was simple. The loser had to show up in full uniform for the next game in the winner’s city. The Cavs are playing the Bulls in Chicago on Friday, so it was time for James to pay up.

He seems less than thrilled to be fully draped in Cubs gear.

“Yeah I lost this bet. This is unfortunate, what I have to go into the arena in,” James said, sounding dejected to be in those Cubs pinstripes.

To his credit, he didn’t skimp on the bet. He went fully head to toe, including the cleats. He also wore a jersey with a World Series patch on it, an unfriendly reminder to the Indians’ loss.

At least Wade loved it.