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Carmelo Anthony gave a 17-year-old who has cancer a car for Christmas

This video is so touching.

Christmas puts us all in a giving spirit, even professional basketball players preparing to play an important game with playoff implications. Here’s Carmelo Anthony, helping provide an emotional moment before the Knicks’ game by gifting a car through his Garden of Dreams foundation.

Anthony gave the car to Jarell Lara, a 17-year-old who just finished 18 months of chemo with a rare form of cancer called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Lara’s in the video wearing a fantastic ‘Jarell’ jersey. This is such a great moment for Jarell and his family, and an even better way to kick off basketball today on Christmas.

"This is bigger than sports,” Carmelo told ESPN. “Making a family happy, making a dream come true, giving them a day of happiness."

Oh, and the Christmas music playing in the background? This is almost too much to handle. I’m gonna need a minute here.

Merry Christmas everyone!