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Richard Jefferson sneakily trips Kevin Durant on the Cavs-Warriors final play

Richard Jefferson, lockdown defender.

The Cavaliers came back and got the lead late in the game against the Warriors in the fourth quarter. Sounds familiar, right? Well, now the Warriors have Kevin Durant who can take over a game when they need him. That’s what the Warriors attempted in the last possession with only seconds remaining in the game.

But no one counted on Richard Jefferson — who was apparently gifted the fountain of youth for Christmas — to become the lockdown defender that the Cavaliers needed. OK, maybe he also tripped Durant in the process.

Afterwards, the Warriors star implied he may have had some help on his tumble in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter.

Durant fell to the court and launched the basketball to the rim anyway — which actually seemed like a secret shot despite the terrible angle.

Don’t let Kevin Durant’s missed game-winner distract you from the fact that Richard Jefferson had a great defensive play.