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Dontari Poe, all 346 pounds of him, just threw the heaviest touchdown pass ever

Dontari Poe, quarterback.

Hope you have Dontari Poe on your fantasy team!

To secure the win against the Denver Broncos, the Chiefs just needed a big touchdown on the goal line. And since the lead was already cushy, they decided to get creative. Here comes Dontari Poe, nose tackle, as the running back. He has done it before and it’s a wonderful sight.

But instead of running it in for a big guy touchdown, he fooled the entire Broncos defense by attempting a jumpshot-like pass for a touchdown. Forget Dontari Poe, nose tackle or running back. Say hello to a bonafide quarterback.

The play even has a name, which is a dig at former Broncos player Tim Tebow.

With that tremendous touchdown, Poe also broke a record. He is now the heaviest player to throw for a touchdown by 100 pounds. That record probably won’t be broken any time soon.

If Poe is that good at short passes, Alex Smith better watch out.