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Ezekiel Elliott used Ohio State’s 2015 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama to trash talk

Detroit Lions defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson drew some extra attention on Monday night when he was flagged for unnecessary roughness when he slammed Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott to the ground on a tackle. Robinson may have won that battle, but Elliott and the Cowboys won the war. Then after the game, Elliott put the exclamation point on the victory.

Yes, that is Elliott rubbing the win in by bringing up the time his college team beat Robinson’s college team in the College Football Playoff. Oh, and Elliott essentially clinched that Ohio State victory with an 85-yard TD run against Robinson’s defense.


So to recap:

— Elliott scored two touchdowns on Robinson’s Lions defense.

— Robinson slammed Elliott on one tackle, but was penalized 15 yards for it.

— Elliott’s team beat Robinson’s 42-21.

— Elliott brought up the time his college team beat Robinson’s then went on to win a national championship.

A near flawless victory for Zeke.