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'MLB The Show' has a new 'retro mode' and it looks incredible

If you’ve taken a break from baseball video games because things got too complicated, you’re not alone. MLB The Show 17 might change all that. Take a look at the new “retro” mode being added to the game.

The idea is pretty simple: A mode inside the game that will take you back to when you were a kid. This only could make us finally put away that copy of Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (okay, that’s not happening). It might just look like a graphical overhaul, but the PlayStation blog points out that there’s more to it.

Introducing, “Retro Mode,” a retro gameplay experience that pays homage to the classic baseball games many of us grew up playing. Retro Mode allows you to move the pitcher across the pitcher’s rubber and move around the batter’s box with ease, classic on-screen displays, an old school soundtrack, unique sound effects, a throwback pause menu and more.

If this just makes the game a little less daunting it will totally be worth it.