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Kevin Harlan did play-by-play of fans on the field again and it was brilliant

This is the best part of the NFL.

One of the best moments of the 2016 NFL season didn’t show up in any box score. Instead, it was when Kevin Harlan gave hilarious play-by-play about a fan who ran on the field in Week 1.

That was basically an announcing masterpiece. It took the perfect circumstances to make it great. A bad game, an eventful field rusher, and Harlan in the right mood to spice things up. It seemed like it may never come together again.

Then Monday night arrived. Harlan was back on the radio call. It was another bad game. And two fans came running onto the field.


Boomer Esiason: Well that was the biggest cheer of the night as we got a of couple idiots running out on the field right now. Taking their shirts off, running all over the place and the last person I would want to run into is a New Jersey state trooper.

Kevin Harlan: OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! Did you see that tackle? OH! and the other guy is knocked down!

Esiason: They’re actually hitting harder than the Jets defense. I’ll tell you that one kid may be just absolutely knocked out on the 26-yard line.

Harlan: What a hit

Esiason: And that was just a unbelievable hit by a New Jersey state trooper who came in right behind him. Don’t be messing with the state troopers man I’m telling you.

Harlan: They don’t play that game.

Kevin Harlan is a national treasure. This call wasn’t quite as good as the other one, but still, listening to him announce the two tackles was the most exciting few seconds of the entire game.

We don’t encourage fans running onto the field, but if they do, we hope Harlan is on the call.