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The Warriors have quit Gatorade and are drinking salt water now

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It's official: The Warriors have reached peak California. This isn't an easy realization, but it happened. One doesn't simply live in the state for that long without being indoctrinated, but the Wall Street Journal has detailed how Steph Curry and Co. have been taken over by the Bay Area lifestyle.

  1. Swapping cheese for chips is okay, but I don't know about this whole "avocado oil" thing. Avocados are great, but this feels like a snack you buy from a website that will assuredly give your computer a virus.
  2. There is nothing wrong with black herbal tea. I really enjoy the qualifier "when the coffee runs out." Essentially it means the coaching staff swaps from all the caffeine to slightly less caffeine.
  3. NO! I'm sure some health guru will correct me and say why drinking salt water is so much better than colors and flavors, blah-blah-blah ... but I REALLY like colors and flavors. Drinking water with Himalayan salt in it feels so wrong, but oh so California.

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