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14-year-old cancer survivor interviewing Peyton Manning was the best part of Super Bowl media day

Meet Austin Denton.

Denton is a 14-year-old cancer survivor who has been cancer free for six years after previously having a tumor on his spinal cord. He aspires to be a future sports broadcaster and judging by the skills he put on display at Super Bowl Opening Night, he's well on his way to accomplishing that dream.

Denton handled that like a true pro, naturally quizzing Manning like a veteran broadcaster before a silky smooth toss back to Rich Eisen. Not bad for a high school freshman. In fact Denton handled himself a lot better than many professional media members at the event. He's gaining plenty of experience during Super Bowl week.

There are a lot of boring, mundane and weird things about Super Bowl media day. Austin Denton is none of those. He is the best thing about it.