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John Oliver loved the Super Bowl halftime show, except for the part where Coldplay was in it

John Oliver is an unabashed sports fan, especially soccer. But he's also not afraid of saying when an American football game is bad, which is what he did with the Super Bowl, while appearing on Tuesday's Late Night. Arguably, it wasn't a bad game for Broncos fans, but for Oliver he says "it doesn't matter," because what really matters is the spectacle of it all. From the fighter jets to Lady Gaga to the Coldplay/Bruno Mars/Beyonce halftime extravaganza, Oliver loved that part of the Super Bowl.

The funniest part is his accurate description of what it felt like seeing Coldplay's halftime show:

"As a British person, I found the appearance of Coldplay slightly excruciating. 'Oh gentlemen, no. You are not what is required here. Oh no, they're bringing out flowers -- that's the opposite of the intent of this sport. These men like to smash into each other until they can remember nothing in their 60s. Your flowers and messages of love are not appropriate, Mr. Martin.' I've never seen a Super Bowl halftime band leave the stage and just invite other bands to take over."

Oliver and Meyers continued to roast Coldplay for being the weakest part of the halftime show, especially when Beyonce and Bruno Mars are right there on stage. It doesn't help Coldplay when you visualize and think deeply about how out of place Chris Martin looked:

And you know what, Coldplay is an alright band. Sometimes they can get embarrassingly preachy with their music, but their music is alright. Although, apparently their new album is lackluster.

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