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This huge snow ramp in Fenway Park is 4 times as tall as the Green Monster

Fenway Park was designed to house baseball games, and occasionally, it converts itself to house a college football game, like it did in November 2015. Now they built a huge snow ramp for a two-day snowboarding and freeskiing event called "Polartec Big Air at Fenway," which starts on Thursday.

Per the Boston Globe, the ramp itself is 140 feet high and 430 feet long, which is about four times taller than Fenway's Green Monster (37'2), as seen in the Globe's illustration.

It's an unconventional location to hold a winter sporting event, but athletes and organizers see this as an opportunity to promote the sport and gain new fans (via The Boston Globe):

Outside of the Olympics and the X Games, the sports don’t generate interest among a diverse audience. Events in the mountains draw fans who already are passionate about skiing and snowboarding. But Big Air at Fenway, from the cityscape to the public-transit accessibility to the concert stage along the third base line, will be dramatically different from most ski and snowboard competitions.

Whatever happens at Big Air this weekend, it's definitely an improvement from when freestyle skier Jonny Moseley (in)famously asked, "What if it snowed in San Francisco?" and then rode the Golden Gate Bridge on skis.