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The Warriors attempted an off-the-backboard alley-oop to Steph Curry and it almost worked

When the Warriors get out on the fast break, it becomes must-see TV. On Tuesday, they executed a beautiful four-man fast break that was basketball poetry. They were back at it on Wednesday with Stephen Curry and Leandro Barbosa nearly combining for a stunning alley-oop.

Curry starts the sequence with a very nifty behind-the-back pass and that's where it gets really fun. At first it looks like Barbosa's shot is way off the mark. Then you realize he's actually intentionally lobbing the ball off the backboard as a pass back to Curry. Only getting fouled kept Curry from finishing it on the other end.

There aren't many players or teams who would even attempt that sequence during an NBA game. That's part of why the Warriors are so fun. For anyone not playing against them.

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