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Listen to a Lakers tanking anthem dedicated to Ben Simmons

"I'mma get myself to L-A / there's no way I'm playing in Phil-ly ..."

There's no denying that the Lakers are bad this season. It's a far cry from what they looked like six, seven years ago. And they're so bad this year that one Lakers fan has already made a tanking anthem about the player they'll try to draft this summer: LSU's Ben Simmons, who is favored to be No. 1 in the NBA Draft.

In the style of Kanye West's "Good Life," Nick Angstadt sings about all the fine things Simmons will experience when he gets to Los Angeles, while talking trash on other cities' teams like the Knicks and the Sixers, and promising Simmons that Byron Scott will go away by the end of the season. LSU's colors are white, purple and gold, so Simmons already seems set to join the Lakers -- it helps that he's been public about his love for the team. We'll have to wait until June to see if it actually happens.