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University of Akron claims Akron native LeBron James for bobblehead giveaway

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Look, we get it. LeBron James grew up in Akron, Ohio. He takes great pride in where he grew up, as he should. That said, the University of Akron miiiiiiiiiiiiight be stretching it just a bit with their bobblehead giveaways this season:

It's worth noting Dru Joyce and Romeo Travis, who played alongside James in high school, did actually play for the Zips. So if nothing else, it's a neat way to honor a special group that raised the profile of basketball in the Akron area.

Still, it's hard to picture LeBron James in any college uniform, even if it's the one closest to where he grew up. If it's OK for colleges to claim players that went straight from high school to the pros, every college in Philadelphia should be trying to claim Kobe Bryant as he winds up his final season in the NBA. If La Salle wants to have a Kobe Bryant bobblehead night, let them.

Thanks to Bleacher Report for sharing.