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These 6 NBA trades wouldn't change anything for any of the teams involved

The NBA trade deadline is less than a week away. At this time of the year, a lot of sites will try to grab your attention by passing along every hint of trade discussion they can find and concocting some sexy trade ideas.

Not me.

I'm not trying to grab headlines, I'm just trying to move as many players as I can to new locations with the ESPN Trade Machine without altering the competitive balance of the NBA. Let's go:

Trade idea 1: Randy Foye for Drew Gooden

The Wizards don't really need another guard. The Nuggets don't really need another big man. Let's move them anyway.

Trade idea 2: Matt Bonner for James Michael McAdoo

Typically, you don't see the two teams in the NBA who have the best shots at winning the title making deals with each other during the season, but chill out. This deal is fine. Nothing is gonna change.

Trade idea 3: Tyler Hansbrough for nothing

Technically, the 76ers would be trading a trade exception here, but it's funnier to imagine that the Hornets are just giving Hansbrough away and making him relocate for no good reason.

Trade idea 4: Luke Babbitt for Shayne Whittington

They could both use a change of scenery, right?

Trade idea 5: Swapping a bunch of injured dudes who can't do anything

Four of the six players listed here are out for the season. The other two might as well be. No harm, no foul. Well, other than all the injuries, of course.

Trade idea 6: Cheaper by the dozen

You won't even notice these guys are in different uniforms until early April. It's the perfect trade.

* * *

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