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Bill Walton wants to play a glockenspiel, not talk about the basketball game he's covering

When we last talked about Bill Walton's announcing duties, he went on a rant about how great China is during a Pac-12 game that was being played in Shanghai. On Thursday, Walton once again stopped caring about a basketball game he was covering and started playing a glockenspiel on air. By that point, the Cal-Oregon game was pretty much over, with Walton's broadcasting partner Dave Pasch saying it was a blowout win for the Bears a few minutes before the glockenspiel appeared.

Pasch actually wanted Walton to quit interviewing "the glockenspiel guy" and focus on the game; Walton continued to not care, and then wore the glockenspiel guy's bear hat. If a Grateful Dead concert popped up during the game -- by some miracle -- Walton would've probably bolted from his seat, and ESPN's cameras would've seen a dust cloud in his shape.

(h/t Sports Illustrated)