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Kobe Bryant got a manga drawing of himself during his All-Star press conference

One of the biggest stops on Kobe Bryant's farewell tour is the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. Despite the bad season he's had so far (with the occasional heroics), the fans decided they wanted to see him play in the All-Star Game one more time, a notion that commissioner Adam Silver supported.

Kobe's All-Star press conference on Friday looked like mayhem -- just a sea of humanity trying to get their eyes on Black Mamba:

At one point, someone from the Japanese press approached Kobe with a gift: a drawing showing a manga version of Kobe.

There was a second gift from a media member -- a envelope and a red bag -- that remains a mystery since it wasn't opened during the conference:

Later on, someone holding up an image of Crying Michael Jordan on his phone asked Kobe a question:

Hours into NBA All-Star Weekend, and it's already getting weird.

* * *

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