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Shaq turned his Hall of Fame nomination speech into a roast

On Friday, Shaquille O'Neal gave a speech to commemorate his Basketball Hall of Fame nomination, which he headlines alongside Allen Iverson. He was honored to be nominated, but he also spent time roasting a couple people because Shaq still has some grievances:

Shaq on Rick Barry:

"He came to LSU one time and wanted me to shoot free throws underhanded. 'Nah, Rick, I can't do it. I'd rather shoot zero percent. Can't do it. Too cool for that.'"

Shaq on Dick Bavetta:

"And Dick Bavetta, I don't like you either. You gave me ten technicals and you threw me out the game twice. Twice!"

Shaq on Yao Ming:

"You know, Yao Ming used to travel all the time when he shoot the fadeaway. They never called it."

Never change, Shaq.

* * *

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