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Banned high school player is the Kenny Powers of intramural soccer

Westlake High School may be home to the Kenny Powers of soccer. Originally posted on his Twitter page, which is now private, senior Brian Garruto received an email saying that he was banned from playing in the North Side Co-ed soccer team.

Not only did they ban him, but they gave him an extensive list of his previous offenses in chronological order. While some are serious, like a red card, others just seem playful. Still, offenses as frequent as these might merit a ban.

Here are just a few of the offenses:

12/6/15 - Making a phone call while playing on the field

This definitely falls under excessive celebration. As fun as it initially sounds, its pretty mean. However, we do appreciate the subtle homage to Joe Horn's time in New Orleans.

12/13/15 - Pretending to shoot a bow and arrow at opposing players after scoring

Again, this seems fairly harmless unless the opponent being targeted felt unsafe. What we do know is that this celebration actually happened in the NBA between the Nets and Mavericks. The overtime game featured both sides shooting arrows at each other.

12/17/15 - Removing shirt after scoring

Considering that he's playing soccer, we assume he's very aware of Brandi Chastain. Maybe this is what he was going for.

12/17/15 - Wearing a cowboy hat during the game
1/31/16 - Giving birth to soccer ball after scoring

This one is especially interesting. The celebration took a lot of time, which on top of the excessive celebration may have been the reason this event made the list. But more importantly, he may have been inspired by the college basketball celebration that happened a week before! The fans distracting a player with a fake pregnancy is hilarious but being a one-person birth celebration isn't as much.

1/31/16 - Wearing Natural Light tanktop as uniform

Is that you, PFTCommenter?