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NBA celeb game MVP Win Butler has postgame political message interrupted by ESPN

Congratulations Win Butler on winning the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game! ESPN and Sage Steele will definitely give you some time to express how grateful you are.

But something seems off about Butler's speech. It looks like he's nervous. It can't be because of the microphone in front of him. After all, he plays for Arcade fire; he should be used to it. No, it turns out that Butler used his time to talk American politics, with the Presidential election coming up.

He started comparing the United States to Canada, but then it looks like the ESPN crew shut that completely down by playing him out and having Sage Steele move the microphone away from Butler. Don't worry Win, we got the gist of it!

* * *

Big Omission: Why wouldn't President Obama partake in the All-Star Celebrity Game?

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