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Aaron Gordon is matching Zach LaVine one incredible dunk at a time

How in the world could Aaron Gordon improve after using a mascot on a hoverboard to deliver a between-the-legs slam? Use the mascot AGAIN!

The setup was practically the same as before, with the mascot on the other side of the rim. And just like the other one, Gordon went up for the ball. But he didn't put the basketball between his legs. Instead, Gordon leapt so high above the Magic mascot that he was able to but the ball under his legs for this perplexing dunk.

We can't think straight after that stellar dunk. It was perfect. That's going in the annals of NBA dunks.

To make things even more difficult, his dunk earlier featured the mascot in motion—going in circles—forcing Gordon to time it perfectly. He did, with style. Aaron Gordon isn't human.