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This video of people reacting to the Dunk Contest might be better than the actual dunks

Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon combined to produce one of the best NBA Dunk Contests ever. The two went back-and-forth trading spectacular dunk for spectacular dunk. Some of the dunks were so good, they might be in the conversation of the best ever dunks in the Dunk Contest.

The dunks were so good, the collective reaction in the Air Canada Centre was just a complete meltdown. Little kids could not believe what they were seeing. NBA Hall of Famers were left with mouths wide open in disbelief. Current NBA stars? Well they turned into a massive collection of fans who just happened to be able to celebrate by running all over the court.

From Dikembe Mutombo trying to judge with his jaw almost on the floor to Stephen Curry literally throwing the ball off the court because he couldn't take anymore, the dunks Lavine and Gordon put on display were among the best ever. And watching everyone react to the absurdity was almost as entertaining.