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Dwyane Wade bought Kobe Bryant a 1-year subscription to Netflix

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

No longer will Kobe Bryant have to rely on the Netflix credentials of his cousin's ex-boyfriend's sister's friend that she doesn't really talk to that much anymore but hey they never really had a falling out per se so it's probably fine to get his Orange Is the New Black on: Dwyane Wade has gotten him his very own subscription to Netflix.

The idea, naturally, is that Bryant is about to have a lot of time on his hands. All-Star weekend served as another chance for the NBA world to kiss Bryant's ring, and bestow upon him yet more gifts to fill his tomb before it's sealed with 200 attendants, 500 golden pheasants and three live black mambas and lost to the sands for the coming millennium.

He also received dental adhesive, reading glasses, compression socks and a cane from Chris Paul, and a magnum of Italian wine from Carmelo Anthony.

(h/t AP)