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Steph Curry asked Kobe Bryant to sign his jersey after the All-Star Game

There have been stages to Kobe Bryant's retirement year. First came the hating, then the weariness, and now that we're on the back end of the season it all feels somber. There's an appreciation for what Bryant has done for the game and that carried into the All-Star Game. Players are well aware that this is Kobe's last show, so even someone like Stephen Curry wanted a memento to remember it by.

This is going to make for a heck of a talking piece in 20 years' time. One of the greatest ever signing a jersey for someone we could talk about in the same hushed tones.

Before the game, Kobe's kids wanted a picture with Steph.

When it was all done there were some amazing moments between the two that weren't captured on camera.

At times I've been weary of the seemingly endless send-off year. Now I don't want it to end.

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