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Only you can force this baseball team to wear eggplant emojis

The Kalamazoo Growlers play in the Northwoods League, which is a collegiate summer league for athletes. This year they're taking a page out of the minors and embracing the time-honored tradition of the novelty jersey. Their "emoji jersey" will be worn on Aug. 13, and it's missing one major thing: The eggplant.

The eggplant is the best emoji. It means so much to so many. It's sad to see it left off the list here. This is what an eggplant emoji jersey would look like.


Here's where you come in. We need to make this a reality. The Growlers are taking a fan vote on what emojis need to be featured. It's time to take this over. Go to their site and suggest the eggplant. Do it for America. If you need help filling out your ballot, simply follow this handy guide.


Our frenemies at The Verge want you to believe that peach is the right emoji for this jersey. Don't listen to their wicked lies.