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Ivan Johnson is on his way to getting banned from playing basketball in every country

First Korea, now the Philippines?

Former Atlanta Hawk Ivan Johnson got banned for life from playing in the Philippine Basketball Association after nailing Bryan Faundo in the face Saturday.

Officials ejected Johnson, 31, from the game immediately and slapped a 250,000-peso fine on him.

"I actually feel good," one commentator said of the ejection. "He got away with this a lot last year."

Now here's what's interesting: The league banned him mid-game for "addressing the Commissioner with profanities and showing utter disrespect for authority," per a league statement. The ban was effective immediately.

Johnson took his displeasure online by firing off a series of tweets:

Hours later, he apologized to his fans and to PBA Commissioner Narvasa.

Johnson was also banned for life from playing in the Korean Basketball League in 2010 for showing a ref the middle finger after his team's loss.

(via Deadspin)

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