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Coyotes sign emergency goalie 2 hours before the game then reward him with championship belt

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Two hours before the Coyotes were set to drop the puck against Montreal, Phoenix found itself with a problem. Backup goaltender Anders Lindback suffered an "off-ice injury" leaving the Coyotes with just one healthy goaltender.

Enter Nate Schoenfeld.

NHL teams keep a list of emergency goaltenders and according to Phoenix GM Don Maloney, Schoenfeld is the Coyotes'. Schoenfeld isn't exactly a top prospect. Instead, he gained his emergency status by playing well in a recreational hockey league and Coyotes alumni games.

Schoenfeld got the call shortly before game time, drove to the arena and arrived just in time. He signed an amateur tryout contract and took his place on the bench.

Now, the fairy tale ending to this story would include Schoenfeld being thrust into action, only to play extremely well and lead the Coyotes to a win. That didn't happen. Phoenix scored early and often en route to a 6-2 win. Schoenfeld didn't see a second on the ice.

But, that doesn't mean he walked away empty handed. In addition to one heck of a story to tell, Schoenfeld also came away with a souvenir from the team. The Coyotes award a game belt to the player of the game and that honor went to Schoenfeld.

Schoenfeld went from giving his twins a bath, to signing with a NHL team and suiting up for the night in a matter of hours. That's one heck of a Monday night.