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Aaron Rodgers inadvertently links to Garfield porn while thanking God on Twitter

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers didn't have a successful postseason this year, but that hasn't stopped him from showing gratitude for yet another year filled with miracle plays. After taking a Twitter break for a couple months, Rodgers returned to Twitter to send God his thanks for "an exciting season."

There's absolutely nothing wrong with thanking a higher power, but in this instance, there are a couple problems:

1. @TheTweetOfGod is not God's official Twitter account. It's actually a parody account, and I'm sure Rodgers is aware of that. But more importantly ...

2. @TheTweetOfGod got hacked a couple days before Rodgers sent out the tweet.

As of writing, it hasn't fully recovered to its normal status of tweeting out snark in the voice of God. Its Twitter banner still has a graphic drawing of Garfield in a sex act. (Here's the uncensored version.)

Chances are, because of his nearly two-month Twitter break, Rodgers had no idea the hack happened. It's great that he's feeling positive and grateful this offseason, but he basically led his followers to Garfield porn. Whoops.

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