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Chess grandmaster schools trash-talking, cheating old man in New York

Comeuppance is one of the best genres in sports video. Sure, the term "sport" might not be traditionally associated with chess, but watching this is just as satisfying as any video you'll see this year. Washington Square Park chess games are like nothing else. They're fast, furious and cutthroat with the daily cast of characters running roughshod over newcomers. That's what Wilson thought when an unfamiliar face sat across the board from him. One problem: That new face was Maurice Ashley.

Ashley is a chess grandmaster, which takes a lifetime of practice and preparation to be awarded. He shared a United States championship win in 1992 and STILL didn't get named grandmaster until 1999. So, in short, he's good -- really good.

Ashley is calm at the table while Wilson begins trash talking, then he gives him a little back. Late in the game he catches the man attempting to take two knights in a single turn and calls him on it. Suddenly things get quiet from Wilson's end. He realizes he's in trouble and suddenly -- checkmate.

After the game the shocked man wanted the camera turned off. Then he found out who Ashley was and all he could do was laugh.