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Damian Lillard put out a song about being snubbed from the NBA All-Star Game

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Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Lillard continues to put out new music in his downtime, with one of his releases including a shout-out to Stephen Curry. On Tuesday, he put out a new song called "They Sleep," and this time he's venting his frustrations about getting snubbed from this year's All-Star Game -- again.

The first verse from his cousin Brookfield Deuce features a pretty good DJ Khaled reference:

"They don't wanna see us win, nah / So guess what we gon' do? We gon' win / That's a major key, yeah I'm in the major leagues ... "

But it's the second verse where Lillard airs his grievances:

"Lemme holla at y'all bout a few things quick / I'm as humble as they come, but my shoe game lit / I ain't make the all-Stars but I'm flu game sick / Last time they count me out, what I do? Game 6 ... "

We at SB Nation agree with Lillard, and even though it's disappointing, at least we got a hot track from it.