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Steve Novak has been traded so many times his son's NBA collection is a mess

The NBA trade deadline sends a flurry of names scrolling across the transaction wire. Some are big stars and desired acquisitions. Others are more valuable for their contracts and get shuffled from team to team. Steve Novak has been in the latter category in recent seasons and the result has taken its toll on his son's wardrobe.

And that doesn't even represent all of the teams Novak has played for in the last four years. He played the 2012-13 season with the Knicks before being traded to Toronto during the summer. He spent a year there and was then dealt to the Utah Jazz. Novak was shipped to Oklahoma City at the trade deadline last year before being traded from OKC to Denver on Thursday.

Novak needs to get his son some Raptors socks and a Denver headband to represent all of his recent teams. And that doesn't even include the other four teams he played for earlier in his career.

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