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The Clippers are giving away a custom-made Lexus complete with a Doc Rivers GPS

This is definitely the Clippers logo of luxury cars.

The Clippers are raffling off a brand-new Lexus! There's a catch. It's a Lexus that was designed exclusively for Clippers fans. It might as well have been designed by the Clippers themselves because it's a lot like their new logo. It's bold, but something seems off.

And just like the current Clippers roster, it has a lot of promise but it doesn't live up to the hype. In fact, it almost takes on an absurd turn. Here are just a few of the features advertised on the Clippers' website:

Backboard Windshield and Buzzer Horn

The backboard windshield doesn't look unsightly at all. It actually looks sleek and makes me wonder why more cars don't implement a light around the edges of the windshield for those nights and early mornings when you need just a little more light and a dome light might be too much. The color also makes it so sporty that any association with a basketball backboard is an afterthought.

However, the concept of a car horn that doubles as a buzzer horn cancels any functionality and novelty out the passenger-side window. Drivers aren't going to recognize this familiar sound in a foreign setting. It might just subtly remind folks to play more basketball. This car is already a basketball ad on wheels; why not go all out.

On the plus side, your local pickup game can sound professional without the luxury of playing with a gym's scoreboard. Just make sure you park close enough to hear it from the court.

Shot Clock-Inspired, er, Clock

No real gripe about this novelty clock. The orange numbers represent the time of day while the big red number that's usually the shot clock represents the date. If you ever wanted to know what the shot clock would look like if it were greater than 24 seconds, then this car is definitely right for you. You would have to wait until the 25th of every month to see this. You can also go watch some college basketball but that's too easy for you, prospective Clippers Lexus owner.

A GPS with Doc Rivers' voice

This is a joke feature right? Why would anyone want to listen to Doc Rivers' voice while driving? Especially living in Los Angeles. This will only exacerbate traffic and road rage. This is a joke, right? Right?

If you're still interested in entering the raffle, you can visit the Clippers' promotional page. If it's anything like the Clippers roster, the Clippers will select someone that Doc Rivers has seen before.