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LSU student stumped by SEC questions on 'Jeopardy!'

Jeopardy! is holding its College Championships and naturally the show worked in some questions about a related subject: college football. Surely college students would know a thing or two about that, right?

Well no, actually.

When it comes to college football, it's hard to be more recognizable than Steve Spurrier and Alabama. That didn't help the three contestants who whiffed on questions about the Ol' Ball Coach and the Crimson Tide. Not even a guess!

That might be acceptable for the contestants from Wright State University and Northeastern, but Kevin from LSU? Actually, it's probably more impressive that Kevin didn't know. To attend LSU and not know who Steve Spurrier or Derrick Henry are is quite the accomplishment. Kudos, Kevin.

While these contestants may not know about the SEC at least they didn't think Auburn were the Crimson Tide like Terry.